The way to a man's heart...

 Idrissa.Senghor heads for the greenhouse. Some of the cuttings have been growing well. She spots him and her face lights up. "Hars! You are well enough to be walking!" she takes a couple of tentative steps towards him, her hands outstretched.

Hars Darax walks through the hedge, carry the small basket he hopes she might enjoy. He feels a little shy, actually, and smiles to himself. Suddenly she is there, and moving towards him, he looks to her, 'Hello,' he says warmly, 'nice to see you.'

Idrissa.Senghor moves to him and pauses to look him up and down .. a bit more like a mother hen than any sort of nurse. "You look well." she announces. "Are you sure you are strong enough to get out of bed now?" she sees the basket but ignores it, concentrating on him.

Hars Darax looks down at her bright face and smiles again, "I have been out walking, it feels good to be out and about. I... went into my herb garden... I thought you might like some things to add to your soups or stews." He gestures to the basket with a free hand. It has several local herbs in it. Then he adds, "Not that there's anything wrong with your cooking... your soup was delicious, I'm sure it helped me feel better almost right away!"

Idrissa.Senghor smiles and takes a look inthe basket, still in his hand. "Ohhhh ..." she pulls ouit a leaf and inhales it deeply .... and then another. She nods. "Ah these will help me more. But thank you for the compliment. Now we both feel better." she puts a third herb to her nose. "Do you eat meat Hars? I know some here do. A few have come here and I feed them,."

Hars Darax allows her to take the basket. He smiles when she says they both feel better, and reaches his free hand toward her, perhaps touching a shoulder if allowed, feeling warm towards her. He nods in answer to her question, "I do eat a little meat now and then," but not when Po is around."How is everything with you? You look busy, I hope I am not interrupting?" He sees she has set up some tables in the gazebo where they had had their cake the first time they met. "Still playing sentry duty?" he jokes.

Idrissa.Senghor glances at and smiles at the hand on her shoulder, but does nothig to break the contact. She is comfortable with him after her little stint as his nurse. "Ah yes ... Po does not eat it and I plan to not make any for her, but in my family we eat meat ... fish and birds .. and seafood when the men got to the coast." she giggles a bit. "Well I stop to talk to those who walk on these lands ... and if the are hungry I will feed them .. and if they are not I tell them it is private property and they go away." she chuckles. "I had not thought of myself as a sentury. That really is for men."

Hars Darax shakes his head at her last statement, "We have many female tactical and security officers in Starfleet. I would not want to cross any of them," he laughs slightly, "something smells good... are you cooking outside? That lovely smell can't come from a replicated dish..." adding, "I had heard, from my occasional visitor, Nurse Anjar, that you were feeding everyone," he smiles again, feeling lighter and even a bit happy for the first time in a long long time.

Idrissa.Senghor cants her head. "SOuleymane told me something like that." she shrugs. "I could only protect my loved ones. My brother or whoever else came along..." she seems to darken a bit and turn. "WOuld you like me to fix you something? I went fishing this morning ....." she coaxes him.

Hars Darax watches her, "Souleymane?" he can't remember who that is. He then moves from beside the greenhouse to the walkway, trying to see what she's done... when she invites him to have something to eat, he grins, "Gonna feed me up, are ya?" He looks down at his torso, "too skinny?" he winks, and then begins to walk along the path, until he sees the fire. Lord knows what Po will think of all this, but he says nothing about that to Driss. Let the girl find her place. He turns to look at her, "how are you liking it here?"

Idrissa.Senghor nods. "My twin brother." she tells him. Then she nods. "You have been ill and food will help you be strong." she moves to the small little firepit she made. "I .... I like it here but ..." she shrugs and nods to the healing house. "Thisis not my house .. it is only a healing place." she swallows and concentrates on a small pot of stew already working on the fire. "I have no home. But I do like it here. If I cannot find a home, I suppose I can go live with SOuleymane. He lives on a moon he says is not too far from here. The same quadrant, at least." she begins to tear up one of the herbs he gave her and adds it tot he little fish stew.

Hars Darax listens as she tells him, his face relaxing when it appears Souleymane is a brother. She bends over a pot, adding some herbs. "Smells good," he repeats, frowning slightly as she talks about moving someplace else. He moves towards the fire, rubbing his hands to warm them. He says slowly, "I can't speak for Poi... the Colony Commander, she was thinkin of you when she made this though. There'll surely be a place for you," adding, "unless you want to be with your twin."

Idrissa.Senghor kneels before the fire, stirring. "It will be good." she speaks with complete confidence. "Ihope there will be a place for me ... and ... a child." she shrugs. "Not my child. Like an adopted niece." she picks up a bowl and fills one ... then does the same for another. "Souleymane will want me safe .. his moon would not be safe enough for me ... he does not like Starfleets but he knows I wil be safe with them." Then she lifts the lid off of a heavy looking put that seems to contain bread, which she takes to the table. She cuts the bread into eight slices and spoons one out for him. "Eat ... it is a fish stew and a grain bread." she sits and serves herself some cornbread like stuff.

Hars Darax continues to stand by the fire. The air is chilly in the early spring. She kneels down near him, tending her fire and her pots. He frowns slightly, "doesn't like Starfleet, eh.. I suppose many don't for all kinds o reasons. It's good n bad, for sure. Most I know in it would give their lives to have peace or to save an innocent." He shrugs alittle, "I'm well out of it," but his voice tightens. He does not want to go there. He follows her to the table. "Your command is my wish," he winks to her, sitting down and taking some bread to try a bite.

Idrissa.Senghor tastes her bread and nods in approval of her own cooking. "He is suspected of being a smuggler or a pirate." she scoffs, but it is half hearted. She knows what her brother is. What all the males in her family have been. "But he will also save the innocent. He fought for my virtue all of my life. Q had to lure him away before ...." she suddenly cuts herself off and stares into her fish stew. "Is it good to you?" she asks, before digging into it herself.

Hars Darax takes some bread and slops it into the soup, bringing it to his lips and tasting the fish stew, then grabbing a spoon to stuff more in his mouth, 'hmmmmmm," he says nothing more until he has finished the bowl entirely. Then he sits back and looks up at her, "Po... Fleet Capt..." shrugs at ceremony, "Po wouldna have him on her bridge if she felt he was truly bad. How kin he be if you're his sister?" he grins, looking at her downturned face, hoping for a smile.. he looks down at his empty bowl and adds, "I guess I mighta liked it."

Idrissa.Senghor grins at the compliment and looks up when the stew is complete. "A good appetite and good company." she all but cheers. She reaches for a pitcher and pours him a drink. "I found some berries ... I hope you find them sweet enough." she pours for herself. "My twin ... he is a good man ... but he is also what he was made by our family." she shrugs and is glad he opted to ignore her slip about Qinisela. "He would never been good enough for Starfleet ... he sometimes acts only for himself or his loved ones. But ... sometimes he does not."

Hars Darax takes the drink she offers and sips. He smiles back at her, glad to see her face brighten. "THere's... lots to tell 'bout the past, for both of us," he says, "but, today, the air is fresh and cool, you're like a flower bloomin in the spring, and what you made here," lookin around, "that's creative and goodhearted," he drinks again, "I cant say what 'good enough for Starfleet' is. I... well let's just say I wansna a shiny new recruit."

Idrissa.Senghor nods as she drinks. "In time we will learn more and more." she suggests. "And thank you so much. You have beautiful words inside of you .... thank you for sharing them." she shrugs. "People must be fed and /..... I do not like replicated food. I havent had much ...but what I had tastes ... replicated." she shrugs slightly. She considers. "Tarnish is better than perfect polish, I say. I have more faith in the tarnished than th blindingly sparkling ... and so I am glad you are not perfect."

Hars Darax nods to her. "You got your own wisdom, girl. Pretty strong too, far as I can see, to lived what you've lived and come out the end with a smile and a loaf of bread," he sneaks another slice and folds it into his mouth with a grin. "Replicators is a means to an end. You're on the tin can, weeks at a time, real food goes short sometimes." He rises, stretching a little. "I'm goodly tired now," he smiles to her, then bends down and whispers to her ear, "Blindingly sparkling describes you to a T." His hand might touch her shoulder. Then he steps back, "Thanks for the stew."

Idrissa.Senghor lifts her shoulder into his touch laughing at his whispered words. "You may come and be sparkled whenever you want Hars. I would appreciate it." she glances across the field and sees a couple of people coming. "More mouths to feed, I hope. You go and rest and we will definately tlk more my friend."

Hars Darax smiles to her and turns, walking slowly away over the lawn to his cottage, where he will lay on his bed with a silly grin on his mouth as he falls asleep.