"Bus Boy Blues"

Idrissa.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 hums to herself and prepares an order here and an order there. She watches the new employee as he busses the tables. Her eyes follow him as he heads for the kitchen, followed by a loud CRASH as he trips down the stairs again.

She turns and stands in the kitchen door. "Boy!" she snaps. "How many dishes are you PLANNING to replace on your salary?"

Hars Darax starts from sleep as a loud crash is heard nearby. Springing up, he starts to say, "Status report all statio..." he stops short when he realizes he is not on board ship, as in his dream. He runs a hand through his hair and sits back down, surprised his feeble legs could move him so fast. He feels a bit peeved at being woken up.

Idrissa.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 listens to the boy stammer a reply, which her question didnt really reqiuire. She sighs deeply and kneels beside him. "You boys get so clumsy in your teen age years." she softens her tone. "Maybe you will gain your grace BEFORE you put me out of business." she begins to help him pick up the plate shards.

Hars Darax gets up wearily and goes to the door, opening it, and looking for Driss, and looking AT her with an unhappy glare.

Idrissa.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 tosses the shards in a rubbish bucket and reaches for a mop, just as Hars comes out of the office. She thrusts the mop at the poor native teen. "Clean." she orders with a snap. Then she turnes to Hars. "I'm sorry if this one interrupted your paperwork, love." she says softly. Paperwork has become code for nap over the last couple of weeks.

Hars Darax wants to reach for her. But the boy is nearby. Smiles sleepily, whispers, "I was having a bad dream, he did me a favour, I guess."

Idrissa.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 arches a brow at his whispered words,but keeps her game face on as well as her brother. "Now ... go ... oh ... go ... OH! Fold the napkins. You can't POSSIBLY break any." she shakes her head and moves into her office, snagging Har's hand as she does and pulling him in with her.

Hars Darax obediently follows Driss back into the room, arms naturally reaching for her once she stops moving, he says lightly, "I need my morning sweetness."

Idrissa.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 listsns tothe door swish shut even as she turns into Har's arms. She stands on her toes for a kiss, then .. "What nightmare? Want to tellme?" she asks, not leaving his arms unless shes ripped away.

Hars Darax looks down to her, very far down, he almost wants to kneel down and hug her that way, he was sure she'd get a kick out of that, but his legs weren't up to it. He shakes his head at her, "It's dark and dreary, as usual. I'm back on the USS Armstrong, and my crew is going mad around me. I am forced to use a phaser on my chief operations officer, who has attacked me."

Idrissa.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 sighs. "So less dream and more memory." she reaches to caress his face. "Thats why you've been napping here so often? Not sleeping at home?"

Hars Darax shakes his head, stooping down to brush a kiss on top of her head, "Just don't want to be too far. I know the Colony is relatively safe, but... " he raises his eyebrows, "Plus I get free coffee," he drops another kiss, "Don't I?"

Idrissa.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 grins up at him. "Thank you, Hars." she giggles. "You get whatever you want for free...." her voice drops slightly as she teases him ... or is she?

Hars Darax squeezes her tightly, "Be careful, Lass," he tells her, "Don't give anything away for free, no matter what sobstories they tell. And I'm going to get security to put a call button under the counter." He looks more serious, "Starfleet has enemies, and some... are not so easily detected. Be careful of wolves in sheep's clothing," he looks down to her, "I couldna bear it if something happened to you. Now I found you, I want you to be safe."

Idrissa.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 smiles and looks up at him, caresses his face. "I know that. I was joking." she nods. "My family is full of wolvs in sheeps clothing. Remember, my brother is the sweetest, kindest male member of my family. And you know what he is capable of." she moves into him. "I couldn't stand it either." she whispers. "You know ... i think Souley would be jealous. But he isn't."

Hars Darax still holds tight, "Nothing for your brother to be jealous of, surely? Got someone else to watch over you when he's away, like now. No reason at all," he shakes his head, but a vision of Po comes into his mind, and he recalls the Fleet Captain was and is still not very happy about his new romance. "Does he come back soon," he asks.

Idrissa.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 nods. "Bu he's been my only protector for almost twenty eight years now ... since ... maybe before we were born." she giggles. "He's distracted. He came back a couple of days ago and ... it's like he's still on N'doto. His head is in the clouds." she smiles softly.

Hars Darax: "Oh," Hars nods slowly. Back two days. That means Poison is back too, and hasn't contacted him. "I think I'm still in the doghouse with Po. She's not talking to me. Not much, anyway." He looks to her again, "I hope you don't mind but... I do miss talking to her sometimes. She was a good friend for a very long time and... it feels strange to have her silent."

Idrissa.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 cants her head. "WHy .... ohhhh." she realizes suddenly. "I don't mind your friendship at all. Especially now that I understand it and ...." she looks at him for a long time. "She may be distracted herself." she says, lowering her voice to a whisper. "Souleymane .... he's .... well ... he hasn't been like this with anybody since Kattell ... " she ooks at him, slightly amazed. "She hasn't mentioned the time shes spent with my brother?"

Hars Darax shakes his head, "I knew she was away, and I guess she'd gone to see him, because there was nothing official in the reports. But no, she didn't let me kknow when she'd be back, which is... not what we usually did. So either she's mad at me, or feeling uncomfortable, I don't know which."

Idrissa.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 nods. "What SOuleymane has told me ... she is very uncomfortable at what they have become. I think she was sort of thinking it was all for Fukujuso but ... SOuleymane is about to apply to adopt her .. without Poison." he tells her. "Hars ... my brother is in love with her and ... and .. maybe its not a one sided thing. I know he was surprized by her visit to N'doto .... but then he clammed up .. which means .. whatever happened was very private to him."

Hars Darax whistles softly, "All sounds rather dramatic. 'All the world's a play and all the people in it merely players,'" he quotes Shakespeare. "Beware the Ides of March, too," he adds. "I hope the two of them figure it out so I can figure it out. I miss my friend. But I'm glad I've got you," his legs are starting to tremble so he slips around, hopefully taking her with him, so he can perch on the side of the desk.

Idrissa.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 moves to the desk and nudges him to take the chair. "She will work it out. I know she is strong. I can feel that about her." she sits on the desk if hes in the chair. "Hars ... SOuleymane is going .... well ... he's really going into the inport/export business." she sounds plain awed at the idea.

Hars Darax takes her advice and sits in the chair, but tries to hold on to her, "Don't go too far away, it's cold," he complains with a grin, "If it's legit then good for him, and it will be good for Po too." He wants to nuzzle his face in her sleeve. At least when he's sitting down she's easier to reach, and he murmurs, "Cuddley."

Idrissa.Senghor @hypergrid.org:8002 schooches to the center of the desk and sits with her legs outside of his. She very primly spreads the materialof her slirt over his legs. "I am your blanket then. To keep you warm." she caresses his face. "It will be. He needs to be legitimate .. not just for Fuku but also ... I mean really ... it would not look good for the Fleet Captains boyfriend to wind up on a civilian prision colony someplace." she scoffs and leans over. "I like this cuddling stuff." she tells him. "I've never done anything like it." she begins to get comfortable when another CRASH sounds from the kitchen. "I'm going to kill him ...." she announces. SHe hops up, kisses Hars quickly and heads out of the room, growling in her native tongue.