"Short Days Riot"

[Ra Wakhashem, First Overseer, Welkin Mid, Takaar]

The riot was over. Five had been stunned and removed to the High. The Water Temple had been cleaned, cobbles brushed, weeping females calmed. The Long Dark was soothing. Best time of year, Short Days. Cold, it was, but better for all. Too bad it got disrupted. 

The Welkin Overseer left the temple. His office was on Mid. He'd prefer to go home for a drink with his feet up, but no joy this night. Elds would want his report at daybreak and they don't wait.

Ra Wakhashem took the Credit from his pocket, placed it in the aperture, heard the beep of acceptance. Took it back, stepped on the pad, and in a moment was in Mid. Walked along the path. Normally it would be busy with people out shopping, eating, resting in the square. Not this night, not now, for he'd ordered all businesses closed when the trouble began. 

In his office, he closed and locked the door, opened the window to the cool air, lit the lamp and sat down. Fumbled in his pockets for a small piece of metal, which, when inserted into his desk, allowed a drawer to open. Inside, a small container. Water. He took it out of the drawer, removing the covering, and took one small sip.

He'd learned since childhood to drink only one mouthful.

Leaning back, swinging his feet up to the old scratched table that served as a desk, he began his report.

"Fellow Nut died noonish in the Highest. Was to fix one Solar Collector that did not move correctly. He stayed too long in the Light. Perished from Heat Atrophy. His family grieved mightily. His Mewet collected all the relatives to complain. Loudly in the mid and low, others joined. Some hid. Some stayed inside. Those with Credits came to the Water Temple. There they talked loud about Water Rights and Work Conditions. Some youngers throw rocks at the Temple and Overseers, then starting a fight. Two Overseers blooded, then we told them to stay back. Five stayed forward, we made them lie down with stunning. They were identified and sent to the High where they will work their Sentence for Disturbance. The Nut family was took home, and an Attendant brought to aid the fellow's Mewet. The Water Temple was cleaned and made straight. All is now well."

Ra carefully locked away the precious liquid, and waited until sun's rising for his replacement. They exchanged pleasantries, Ra told Akhet his report, and went home to his lodgings in the Low.  His work was not always easy or nice. But because of it, his Mewet, his Hemet, and their youngers all had shade, good water, and schooling.