Surprises & Secrets

Idrissa.Senghor walks around and past the shiny Starfleet place. Something about engineering. She sighs and heads over the bridge, walking slowly. The move didnt take as long as shed thought it would and Souleymane was a wonderful guest but .... she missed the cooking ... she knew she shouldn't have gotten used to it but .. the end of the cafe meant the end of a lot of things. She spots Hars and moves up to him, reaching out a hand, but hesitantly. Hed no doubt talked to the Kap ... maybe it was more than just the cafe shed lost .. maybe it was Hars as well.....

Idrissa.Senghor stops near him, her hand still outstretched .. almost touching him, but afraid in many ways. "Hello, Hars." even her voice sounds down .. depressed.

Hars Darax: Hars waits outside the building he's rented. Worked some hours to get it cleaned up and ready for his surprise. Turns to watch Driss walking towards him. Sun gone out? Moves towards her, takes her hand in his, smiles warmly to her, "Got something to show you."

Idrissa.Senghor smiles a little as he takes her hand. Maybe she hasnt lost EVERYTHING. "Alright .... " she agrees and holds onto his hand, swallowing hard. "Souley has Fuku ... so I have plenty of time." her voice drops, as if she no longer knows what to do with her free time.

Hars Darax looks down at her, glad to see the smile begin. "Come this way." Leads her along the walkway. Turns, pulling her gently, takes her through the door and into the room. Set up with tables and chairs. Even menu's, laboriously copied from what she'd done in the garden. "There," he says, letting her hand go, moving in front of her, turning, and opening his arms wide, "this, is yours." Grins at her.

Idrissa.Senghor sees that it is a cafe ... that much is obvious. Maybe Hars had found her a job. That would be nice but ... she really preferred the way she was doing it. It gave her purpose. As they go inside she sees the menu and stares ... his hand drops hers and she listens to him. "Mine ...." she blinks. "I ... you? You mean ... mine?" she raises her eyebrows, but looks a little like a kid who is afraid that a candy will be snatched away from her.

Hars Darax laughs out loud at the look on her face. "It's all yours, love." Moves towards her, just closing the gap between them, looking down at her again, reaching a hand to cup her chin if she'd allow it. "Glad to see you smile again." Then he steps back and gestures toward the kitchen, "Better get cracking, I'm hungry," winks at her.

Idrissa.Senghor 's jaw drops in his hand. "Mine?" she blinks .... and then blinks again .... and then begins to cry. She hugs him tightly. "Oh Hars! Really?" she begins to really look about the place. "Oh you got my MENU!" she squees, still clearly crying and she vanishes into the back. "Oh! The KITCHEN!" she squeals and then a soft sound .. the electronic door opening. "Oh ..... Oh ... HARS!" and she begins to cry. Hard. In the office. Women!

Hars Darax accepts her hug with a big smile. Follows her as she dashes into the kitchen, finds the office. Tears are running down her face. It strikes him that she's never looked more beautiful. Tremendously glad her woebegone face has disappeared. Vows never to see it again if he can help it. Walks up behind her, as she cries. "Hush now, mo chridhe. I thought you'd be happy," he says lightly.

Idrissa.Senghor turns and finds he's followed her. She turns and goes to him. "Happy?" she asks, as if surprised. "More than that." and impulsively she takes his head in both of her hands and kisses him, deeply if allowed. "I love it .. I love you!" and suddenly her face registers shock at the worsds that had come so unbidden from her mouth. She backs off a few steps, drops her head and bows a bit. "I ... forgive me.." she murmurs, flustered. "I didn't mean .. I mean .. I meant .. I .... I ... I .. know theres ... the Kaptain ..." she whispers. She hadn't meant to let this happen. To get between a man and his ... whatever Poison Toocool was to him .. even if she did know the goings on between her and her twin. Souley had told her .. almost everything. But now she is embarrassed . as she worries about loving an unattainable man.

Hars Darax: Surprised. Chuckles to himself even as she kisses him. Sweet. So sweet. Makes a sound in his throat. Love? Loves what he's done, an expression? Or more? Examines her face. She backs away. Didn't mean to say it, then? Clears his throat, a bit flustered himself. The simplicity of her. "Poison knows," he says in a gruff voice. He's hurt Po. "I told her about you, so don't worry. Shake off those dark worries." He moves towards her, and opens his arms to her. Wants to comfort her fears.

Idrissa.Senghor looks up slowly as he speaks. She knows ... "You ... told her ...." she says, cautiously. She walks into his arms. "I ... didn't. I didnt' want to love ... someone I couldn't have ... and .. me ... my .. darkness ...." she bites her lip. She does not want to make the time worse but ... if she puts it off ... the pain would be worse. "My ... husband ... I .. should tell you the rest ..." she bites her lip and again begins to cry .. joy mingled with terror.

Hars Darax takes her into a warm, long embrace. His lips by her ear, he whispers, "shhhh mo chridhe. hush now." Couldn't bear to see her crying. "Don't let the darkness take over." Brushes his lips on her neck, holding her close, feeling her tears on his skin.

Idrissa.Senghor still cries. "Qinisela .... he forced me ... I ... he isnt who I wanted. I didnt know who I wanted but not him ...." she buries her face in his chest. "He drowned ..." she considers Souleymanes harsh words .. hard but true ... but ... "because I drowned him ... to be free .. to find Souleymane." and she begins to shake with her tears of grief and guilt that she never allowed herself to feel before now.

Hars Darax stills for a moment. A bit shocked. Loosens his grip, but only to bring her to the couch, inviting her to sit down with him.

Idrissa.Senghor allows herself to be led tot he couch, still crying. "I didnt want anything to .. start ... until you knew ... I am an animal." she sobs. "You can't love an animal." she bemoans

Hars Darax draws her close to him again. Sighs to himself. She's clearly held this inside for the years between. Perhaps only himself and her brother know the truth. Souley's told him how women are oppressed in their culture. He can't judge her. He can't applaud what she did, either. "Hush, he says, raising a hand to brush away tears with his thumb, "I'm glad you told me. No secrets between us," he says, his eyes serious. "No matter what you do, you tell me everything, I do the same."

Idrissa.Senghor nods and begins to calm. It's off her chest. "No secrets. I swear." she swears to him and she means it. She hesistes .. leans into him a bit. "This place s so beautiful." she whispers. Then she sits up. "Did you spend money? Latinum? I paid the Kap for the use of her land. Two bars of latinum. I can pay the rent here too and pay you back besides." the words still rush out. She does not want to be beholden, obviously.

Hars Darax looks to her, "I mean everything, Driss. If you are attracted to someone, you tell me. If you feel sad, tell me. Ifyou argue with Souleymane, you tell me. We have to be open with each other. Warts and all." Shakes his head, "No paying me back. It's a gift. But the rent will be due at the end of this month. You can pay that. And I expect to pay for my meals," he grins to her, "no free meals. For anyone. Or you'll fail." More serious, "Po and I, we were companions. We spent most of her free time together. I understood her responsibilities. She helped me heal. There was nothing more between us. We love each other. We will stand by each other. But we were never lovers. Do you understand?"

Idrissa.Senghor nods. "I am attracted to you, Hars." she tells him, honestly. She looks as if she will balk at the idea of not paying him back and paying for his own meals. "Well. .... alright ...." she hedges. And then she listens. "You and Poison are like Souleymane and I ... well close like that." she nods. "I understand." she searches his face. "So ... perhaps ... if youd like a lover ... I .. would be ... her." she lifts her head. "I am free to choose my lover now." she announces, almost defiantly. It is not something shed ever be able to do before. On Earth. Then she pats his hand. "And the way to a man's heart is through his stomach." she announces and stands. "I will feed you and you will be the first paying customer here at ... The Cafe."